LAAZ Service


  • Colors
    • Invert
    • Values and differences
    • Rotation
    • Normalize
    • Equalize
    • Transzformation: PAL, NTSC, etc.
    • Filters (custom too)
  • Statistics and processing
    • Averages
    • Descriptives
    • Central location
    • Crop
    • Supervised threshold
    • Dynamic K-cluster
    • Cluster based classification
    • Factor analysis
    • Counting objects
  • Cleartext log


LAAZ Imaging

The software runs on Microsoft Windows® operating systems. It is developed as 32 bit application so that it can work on both 32 and 64 bit systems using single binary. It reads image files of Bitmap and JPEG formats to process. Extracted features can be arranged into three groups: color, morphology (including size as well) and pattern. Some selected features are presented on the following flower picture:

Flower test image Quadratic normalization Edge detection


Statistical evaluation of color and its pattern may answer several questions. It is possible, for example, to measure the ratio of cover and basic colors, what can be used to indicate fruit ripeness. Quality defects and rotten pieces can be detected on the basis of changes in color intensity and tone.

Extracted shapes can be compared against standard templates or described with basic geometric forms. Advanced features, such as self similarity and complexity, can be used for classification and discrimination. Shape attributes may reveal mechanical injuries and classify commercial grades.


The software is to provide general framework with basic functionality. Next version will be modular and extendable with DLL files. Announcement is planned to: March 2016.

Upon request we make unique data processing algorithm, what solves specific issues especially for your needs or may be built into your existing system. Our customers also have the option to buy the source code so that further enhancements and alterations can be done independently according to the accumulated experiences.

List of selected publications utilizing our software can be found at the page of references.