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Key points on leaf



  • Simple user interface.
  • Suitable for images of scanners and digital cameras.
  • Area is calculated automatically with image processing.
  • Fast evaluation with zoom function.
  • Validated with known alternatives.
  • Running on both Windows and Linux.


More information

Szent Istvan University
Department of Viticulture

H-1118 Budapest, Villányi út 29-43.

GRA.LE.D. (GRApevine LEaf Digitalization)

The software was created for analysis of morphology of grapevine leaves (Vitis vinifera L.). Development was done in cooperation with Department of Viticulture at Corvinus University of Budapest. It was designed to process images of white background, created with either scanner or digital camera. Thirty-two landmark points have to be marked manually by expert user according to typical shape (tops, between tops, vein ends, etc.).


Screenshot about program


Zoom can be adjusted in a practical range (25-200%) what can help in quick evaluation (adjust to screen size) or accurate recording of coordinates (in original or enlarged size). Mouse click marks the selected point. Mouse can also be used to drag and pan-zoom the image by holding down the control (Ctrl) button meanwhile. This is more comfortable and fatser than scrollbars. Please keep in mind that alteration in zoom factor always reset position. This is to facilitate serial measurements when you can adjust optimal zoom on the first picture.

Results are saved into simple delimited text files, so that spreadsheet applications and statistical softwares can import them easily.



You can download the software (Windows 32bit) and english manual (PDF) free from the links below. It would be highly appreciated if you cite our publications in your ones.



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