LAAZ Service



Research and development (R+D)

We took part in research projects several times by developing algortihms and testing. We also develop simulation software for special purposes based on C++. Labor costs and funding of experiments can be decreased with simulation and modeling softwares.

Our primary interest is digital image processing, especially applications in agricultural engineering and food science.

Data processing and evaluation

We can help you in statistical evaluation of experimental data. Our role can range from simple reports to preparation of presentations and scholar papers. In optimal cases, we are included already in the experimental desing so that highest effectiveness can be reached.

The software package of R (R Foundation for Statistical Computing, Vienna, Austria) is used in data processing and statistical evaluation. The source code of prepared functions are also available upon request. Some methods:

  • ANOVA (Analysis of Variances)
  • NLSR (Non-linear Least Squares Regression)
  • PLSR (Partial Least Squares Regression)
  • RSM (Response Surface Method)
  • LDA (Linear Discriminant Analysis)
  • Monte Carlo validation
  • SVM (Support Vector Machine)

Graphics are provided in vector format of PDF, PS and SVG or in web optimized size and format (e.g. PNG). Vector graphics result in the highest printed quality while it is easy to use them in manuscripts.

If special algorithm is required for analysis or modeling, out of the capabilities of the above mentioned R system, we develop specific processing software for you in C++. Source codes are cross-platform and can be compiled under both Linux and Windows®.

Supporting publication activity

Recognition of research outcomes and their dissemination are as important as results themselves. High quality publications also facilitate successful fund/scholarship applications. We can support customers based on the experiment in editorial work of scholar journals and peer reviews. In case the manuscript or its outline is ready, we can check against requirements of target journals, our initial review may provide recommendations for improvements.

Upon request, we can process papers with native reader for development in language and grammar.

Software development

Our primary activity is software development for data acquisition, -analysis and -visualization. We have several years experience in development of such softwares for specific, unique, needs. In case you already have a framework or software environment, dynamic libraries (DLL) could be the solution.

The development environment of C++ Builder™ of Embarcadero is used in our projects. Programming in C++ makes final software fast and efficient in numerous cases.

Upon request, the source code might be sold to customers as well so that future developments can be done independently.

Conference organization

Remarkable experience and skills were achieved in organization of domestic and international conferences. As part of the committee, we can offer production and maintenance of microsite, proceedings and/or CD-ROM editing and design. According to the agreement, we can perform initial check of submitted papers for acceptance and perform/organize their peer review.

Other services

We can design and edit documents for product description, manual or advertisement in forms of leaflet and poster too. We also offer editorial work of conference proceedings, project and product information CD/DVD including graphic design and ISBN number application.

We can monitor your office and control computers, customize their setup and update them on regular basis, backup data for safety. In case of hardware failure, the last backup can be used to restore documents and settings.